Instructions for Use

How to Apply a Vinyl Diecut Decal:

  1. Preparing the surface you intend to apply to is critical for longevity. I recommend using isopropyl alcohol and/or window cleaner on the surface to ensure it is free of waxes or oils, wiping down with a soft cloth or microfiber to remove dust and debris.
  2. Applying the sticker in the right conditions is important. It's best to apply in the shade, when it's not too hot or too cold. In general, adhesion when applied in the cold will be worse than applying in heat, but applying in direct sunlight on a hot day comes with its own challenges, as the surface itself may be 20-30*F hotter than ambient temp. I recommend applying stickers on a day where it's >50*F and <100*F.
  3. Begin by removing the sticker from the backing paper using the provided transfer tape. Before peeling, rub the transfer tape onto the sticker using either a credit card or your finger to promote good adhesion. Work from the top right to bottom left corner, take your time to ensure that each detail correctly adheres to the transfer tape and peels off the backing paper. If a piece remains stuck, simply lay the transfer tape back over the detail and try again. Bending the backing away at an angle can help get smaller details to adhere correctly. This step may take some trial and error before all details are successfully adhered to the transfer tape and off the backing paper.
  4. Place the sticker. This step can make or break a good application, on windy days really make sure to securely hold the transfer so it doesn't make contact in two places at the same time, leading to wrinkles. I like to again work right to left to help prevent trapped air under the design, bubbles are best avoided but can be pressed out after application. Using a credit card or your finger, press the sticker firmly onto the surface.
  5. Remove the transfer. This is much alike step 3, but in reverse- make sure that you're not removing the sticker with the transfer tape, and don't rush this step to make sure that the install isn't ruined. If the sticker starts to lift off the surface with the transfer tape, stop and work backwards until it's correctly adhered. I find that removing the transfer tape at a shear angle allows for the best adhesion of the diecut, some people like to use a credit card at this stage to force the transfer to lie flat against the glass as it's peeled away. I typically use my hands and just force the angle. See what works best for you!
  6. Post a picture of your new sticker! @manualelitistjerks or #manualelitistjerks on instagram for a shot at a feature.